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Teamcenter Gateway for SAP (T4S) Introduction

Teamcenter Gateway for SAP Business Suite (T4S) is a collaborative framework between Teamcenter and SAP for bi-directional information exchange.

T4S was initially developed by TESIS PLMware and sold to Siemens PLM Software.


The Teamcenter Gateway for SAP Business Suite (T4S) software solution is a general purpose integration software that provides data and process integration between Teamcenter by Siemens PLM and SAP Business Suite by SAP AG.

T4S provides a wide range of interactive and workflow functions to transfer and synchronize data between Teamcenter and SAP Business Suite.

T4S Easy to implement out of the box solution with best practice workflows, handlers and data mapping. It is flexible and supports wide variety of complex process.

User Driven: Interface to SAP System within Teamcenter to exchange information interactively (through SAPGUI). Event driven

Workflow based interface to exchange data in the background at certain point in a workflow process, e.g. transfer BOM at the end of a release workflow process

Batch transfer mode

Background transfers to the integrated batch server for better job control and higher reliability and tolerance towards system or network failures, with centralized logging and monitoring.


Information exchange is bi-directional to keep systems in sync by exchanging information whenever there are changes in either of the systems


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