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Teamcenter Gateway for SAP (T4s) Architecture

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Teamcenter Gateway for SAP (T4S) is an integration software to enable bidirectional data integration and process coupling between Teamcenter and SAP Business Suite.

T4S needs two servers to operate: BGS & GS

Basic Gateway Service (BGS):

  • BGS is a central services that has to be installed at least once per site.

  • BGS does not need any SAP or Teamcenter environment.

  • BGS is responsible for the licensing and logging mechanism.

  • BGS also manages jobs which are nothing but the background transactions that does not keep the Teamcenter user session blocked during data transfer. We will look into types of transaction in next blog.

  • BGS also stores configuration data and client information.

  • Each T4S process writes logs and debug messages to this central BGS system. The log files are stored in the log server's file system.

Gateway Services (GS):

  • GS is the heart of the T4S architecture, it drives the process mapping.

  • Multiple GS can be installed in the network and all can use the same T4S BGS.

  • GS manages the connection to SAP business suite and Teamcenter.

  • GS operates the mapping and it needs to configured to SAP and Teamcenter environments for transaction.

  • GS contains the client software as well as the mapping files in programmable TCL code that manages the transfers/imports and Batch clients.

  • Mapping files enables the T4S administrator to modify the way T4S handles the data between Teamcenter and SAP.

  • Batch client creates job for transactions that are executed ty job server configured in BGS.

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