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Teamcenter Database Schema Export(Oracle)

For taking Teamcenter backups, we need to export database as well. Periodical backup comes handy during deployment issues. It is good practice to take backups before any major BMIDE deployments and upgrades. Along with DB export, take backups of tc_root, tc_data and volumes directories so that we can roll back to this version at any point of time.

For exporting db, get the following information

Oracle Home Directory = 
Teamcenter Schema Name =
Teamcenter Schema Password = 
Schema SID/Service Name =
Oracle Export Directory =

1,2, 3 and 4 - should have been captured during Teamcenter installation process. Schema name can be found in TC_DATA/profile_vars.bat

5 - Check for existing Oracle directory to export into it. If no directory is found, new directory can be created using SQL PLUS or SQL Developer client. Directory is the place where the db will get exported.

Directory Creation


Using SQL Developer Client:

Step 1 : Open SQL Developer Client and Right Click on Directories

Step 2: Create Directory with Name and Directory path

Now we have all the information we need to export the database schema corresponding to our Teamcenter.

  • Open a command prompt.

  • Set Oracle home

SET ORACLE_HOME = <Oracle home path>
  • Change directory to oracle bin

cd <ORACLE_HOME>\bin
  • Run expdp utility

expdp <SCHEMA_NAME>/<SCHEMA_PWD>@<SID> schemas=<SCHEMA_NAME> directory=<DIR> dumpfile = <filename>.dmp

Example: expdp tc123db/tc123db@xe schemas=tc123db directory=DUMP_DIR dumpfile=tc123_backup.dmp

sysdba user can also be used to export schemas.

Example: expdp sysdba/sysdba@xe schemas=tc123db directory=DUMP_DIR dumpfile=tc123_backup.dmp

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