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Teamcenter Data Model Overview

Data model is core for any packaging software. To have a good technical knowledge in a software, it is important to have a good understanding of data model. This blog will help people new to Teamcenter to have better understanding of Teamcenter system.

Three layers in Teamcenter data model:

  • POM or Schema layer

  • Business and Relational Object layer

  • Business rules

POM/Schema layer is the lowermost layer it consist of database (table) which maps most of the classes. Developer interacts with POM layer for customization and extension of system.

Business and Relation layer is actual requirement of business in which business object and relation defines overall data model from business perspective. It resides overs POM layer, Business analyst and solution architects interacts with this layer. Business Rules are the top level layer of Data Model. This layer basically consist Business Object behavior based on the rules configured in BMIDE. Business rules along with Business Object encapsulate overall PLM business process. Teamcenter provides configurable business rules like naming rules, conditions, extensions, property operations, etc. Developers can configure custom rules based on business use cases.

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