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IP Classification in Teamcenter

Intellectual Property (IP) is used to secure sensitive data. This property is defined at Workspaceobject level. By default it has three predefined values,

The default values can be modified by updating the preference IP_level_list_ordering.


The order in which the levels appear in IP_level_list_ordering defines their restrictiveness. The first row is the lowest classification, and the last row is the highest. Access Manager compares these values to determine user access rights to an object. User can also define the ACL rules depends on the requirement.

Propagation Rule:

The IP classification values are propagated to related objects according to the propagation rules defined in Teamcenter.

Open Propagation Rules Editor
New Propagation Rule

Security Group III for propagation group and Order for propagation style are preferred for IP property propagation.

By Default, IP Classification's property constant Fnd0PropagationGroup is set as Security Group III which can be modified.

IP Classification Property Constant

Note: Refer how to create propagation rule for more details

Applying IP License to User:

  • Go to Organization

  • Open the User

  • Set IP Clearance value

ACL Rule Tree Node Related to IP Classification:

Has IP Classification - Validates the IP classification attribute value of the object against the value specified for the condition. Depends on the IP classification value high or low restriction ACL could be applied.

Has No IP Classification - Checks whether the workspace object does not have a value specified in the IP classification attribute.

There are few more rules available for IP classification. Based on the use case choose the rule wisely.

Accessors Related to IP Classification:

User Is IP Licensed - Compares the object license with user license and applies the access if the user has same object license

User IP Unlicensed - Compares the object license with user license and applies the access if the user is not having same object license

User Has IP Clearance - Compares the user's clearance (secret, super-secret, top-secret) with the object classification and tests whether the user has clearance above, below, or equal to that required to access the object.

User Over IP Clearance - The user's clearance is over the level required by the object.

User Under IP Clearance - The user's clearance is below the level required by the object.

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