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Configure BOM Line Properties in Active Workspace Content View

Teamcenter Active Workspace Content tab displays the content of a structure. The content tab displays the structure in table format with BOM Line properties as columns (Similar to Teamcenter RAC).

Active Workspace content tab comes with pre-configured list of properties which can be found in Arrange menu. Users can Insert/Remove the columns or change the order of the columns from the properties list in Arrange menu.

Active workspace does not support adding additional properties to this list directly. It is possible to add properties to content tab by following the additional steps as described in this blog.

Steps to configure properties in Content view

1. BMIDE Changes:

  • In BMIDE, make sure the activeworkspacebom template is added to your package. Right click Project->Properties->Teamcenter->BMIDE.

  • In Business Objects tab of your project, search and open 'Awb0Element' business object.

  • Add a runtime property to Awb0Element business object.

  • For the newly created property modify the property constant 'Awb0BOMToOccurrence' with the BOM Line property that needs to be added. In this example, We are adding BOM Line property UG GEOMETRY.

  • Enter internal name of the property. Find it in BMIDE->BOMLine Properties or Structure Manager->Column properties.

  • Save the BMIDE project and deploy the package to your Teamcenter instance.

2. Exporting existing column configuration:

Use the export_uiconfig utility to export the existing column configuration from Teamcenter. The utility must be run in a Teamcenter command-line environment. All existing column configurations are exported to the file given in the -file argument.

export_uiconfig -u=xxx -p=xxx -g=dba -file=c:\temp\ui.xml

3. Modify the column configuration

As the exported output file contains all the column configuration in Teamcenter, find the section uri="Awb0OccurrenceManagement" which is for content tab columns. Add the newly created property from Awb0Element as shown below.

<Client abbreviation="AWClient" name="AWClient">
    <ClientScope hostingClientName="" name="Content" uri="Awb0OccurrenceManagement">
      <ColumnConfig columnConfigId="contentColConfig" sortBy="7" sortDirection="Ascending">
        <ColumnDef objectType="Awb0Element" propertyName="awb0DisplayedName" width="100"/>
        <ColumnDef objectType="Awb0Element" propertyName="c8UG_Geometry" width="50"/>
        <ColumnDef objectType="Awb0ConditionalElement" propertyName="awb0ArchetypeId" width="100"/>
        <ColumnDef objectType="Awb0ConditionalElement" propertyName="awb0ArchetypeRevId" width="100"/>
        <ColumnDef objectType="Awb0ConditionalElement" propertyName="awb0ArchetypeRevName" width="300"/>

For better file maintenance, create a new file for OccurenceManagement columne configuration from the exported file with just that section as shown below.

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8" standalone="no" ?>
  <Client abbreviation="AWClient" name="AWClient">
    <ClientScope hostingClientName="" name="Content" uri="Awb0OccurrenceManagement">
      <ColumnConfig columnConfigId="contentColConfig" sortBy="1" sortDirection="Descending">
		<ColumnDef objectType="Awb0Element" propertyName="awb0DisplayedName" width="100"/>

4. Importing the updated column configuration

Use import_uiconfig utility to import your custom column configuration file. Verify success message from the utility during import.

import_uiconfig -u=xxx -p=xxx -g=dba -file=c:\temp\ui.xml

5. Reset the column config

Login to Active Workspace and open the content tab, go to Arrange and Reset the columns to validate the changes made in the column configuration.

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