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Check target is in-progress of any active workflow #TCTechBytes

#TCTechBytes is mini blog series of Teamcenter implementation based on use cases that we face in our projects.

In some business scenario we come across this use case, the target object should always be part of one active workflow. This is to avoid the object being processed/reviewed by 2 or more workflows at the same point of time.

This validation can be achieved using out-of-the-box action handler EPM-attach-related-objects and rule handler EPM-check-target-object.

Using this handlers with -disallowed_status = IN_PROCESS argument/value, the handler finds out current task from process stage list property of target object. Then it checks if all the tasks in the list are in started_state. It throws error if it is in started state for EPM-check-target-object and does not attach the object for EPM-attach-related-objects handler.

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