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Change Management Introduction (Part 1)

One of the biggest challenges in manufacturing company is keeping track of all the changes during the lifecycle of a product. Each time a new version of a part is introduced, it has impacts on products, BOMs, routing as well as supply chain.

Organizations must manage the change process across the product, BOMs, supply chain and that is where the challenge lies. This challenge brings the need for engineering change process to support product owners in arranging and aligning the communication needed for effectively making a change.

Change management process is bridging factor between engineering, operations and manufacturing process. Effective product change management is critical to continuous and systematic product improvement.

Benefits of Change Management Process:

Revision Management

For a manufacturing company, it becomes crucial to manage that ever-growing size of immense data of various version of their products. When a customer faces problem with the older version of a product, the solution to it lies in the data. Revision management along with change management process makes the history of changes traceable.

Product Quality

As change management process bring capability to capture not only problems but also ideas of the product in the system from various departments of internal supply chain like purchasing, sales, manufacturing, after sales services, and more.


With CM solution in PLM system enhances traceability as the information on data and design are stored in a single place within PLM.

Teamcenter Change Manager

Teamcenter change manager application brings the functionality to track the changes to a product throughout its lifecycle. Teamcenter allows to optimize the change management process. Change manager tracks the data, people and processes impacted by a change and also provides flexibility to meet specific needs. Change manager can effectively manage the evolution of products, issues and improvements.

Teamcenter change management provides functionality to initiate, review, approve and execute product changes.

Teamcenter change management leverages product structure definitions, that allows to evaluate the impact of changes, track the status and completion of tasks, and maintain a comprehensive history of product changes throughout the lifecycle. Change management in Teamcenter is also tightly integrated with Schedule Manager and Workflow so we can schedule implementation activities and guide a change through its phases.

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