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Automatic Condition Task in Teamcenter Workflow

Teamcenter Condition task can be configured to complete either automatically or manually. Based on the use case, determine which is best suited for the workflow process. If a handler can determine the criteria, it is best to configure the task as automatic.

Automatic Condition task

  • Create a query against the target.

  • Create a query against the task.

  • Create a query against subprocesses.

  • Action handler to set the task result to true. false or a customized value.

Samples for automatic condition task

1. Using Query against target

Use case: Branch based on target object type. If PDF is not found in target, route to false path

Step 1: Create a new query in query builder. For this use case, the search class is workspaceobject and criteria is object_type=PDF

Step 2: Add a condition task in the workflow.

  • Select Condition task and click Task attributes.

  • In Attributes Panel, select Condition Query and choose the query created in Condition query dialog.

  • Select Query against as Target

  • Scope as Any - Condition is evaluated as true if at least one PDF is found in the targets. All - can be used for validating against attributes for all target attachments.

Step 3: Add tasks for True and False paths.

2. Using handler to set task result

Handler: EPM-set-task-result-to-property

Reads the specified property from the identified target object and uses the property value to set the result for the task based on which we can branch the workflow accordingly.

Use case: Branch based on Change type of change notice revision

Step 1: Add the EPM-set-task-result-to-property action handler with arguments as shown below in the start of Condition Task.

Step 2: Branch workflow based on the value of Change type property.

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