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ADA License in Teamcenter

ADA licenses provide grants or denials of access to users who do not have access to classified data based on their user clearance level defined in organization.

Types of ADA License:

  • IP_License: Grants access to specific users or groups to workspace objects that have intellectual property (IP) classification.

  • ITAR_License: Grants discretionary access to specific users or groups to workspace objects with International Traffic in Arms Regulations (ITAR) classifications.

  • Exclude_License: Denies specific users or groups access to the attached workspace objects.

ADA License Creation:

User can create, edit or delete ADA license with ADA administrator role (IP Admin, ITAR Admin or ADA Admin).

ADA License Creation

Attach ADA License to objects:

  • Select the object to attach the license.

  • Right click --> License -->Attach

Attach ADA License
  • Select the License from the list and click on Forward arrow button.

  • The selected license will be added to the right side pane and click on Ok.

ACL Rule tree to provide access to object attached with License:

Has IP Classification:

IP Classification

IP Classification ACL:

Secret ACL

If the object is classified then it is visible only to the user with logged in group same as Object creation group and it is not visible to other group members.

To make the object visible to additional users, we have to create the license and add the user to the license. Then we have to attach the license to the object.

The User In Attached License Rule is evaluated as true, when the object is attached with the license and it provides Read access to the users associated with the attached license.

As User In Attached License is located at top of Has IP classification. It will provide the access to the licensed users.

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