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Access Manager (ACL)

Access Manager enables you to control access to data objects stored in Teamcenter. The combination of Rules and ACL determines the access to the object.

As it is an Administration application, user should have admin privileges to define the rules or ACLs.


Rules are used to evaluate the condition,, based on which ACL will be applied to the object if the condition is evaluated to true.

Rule Tree

Access control list (ACL) :

ACL is used to grant or revoke the access to the accessors. The predefined accessors are users, group, role, project, member of group or project, clearance level etc. We cannot define any additional accessors other than the supported ones.

We can create our custom ACL depends on the requirement.

Named ACL's

Rule Based ACL:

The ACLs applied to the object based on rule tree defined in access manager are called rule based ACL.

Rule Based ACL

Rule syntax

The following syntax applies to rules:

    Condition {Value}> ACL 

The parts of the rule can be thought of as an IF clause and a THEN clause.

  • The condition and value supply the IF part of the rule and examine the object with Boolean logic.

  • The access control list (ACL) supplies the THEN part of the rule by describing the access permission.

For example:

    Has Type {UGMASTER}> UG Model 

In this example, Has Type is the condition, UGMASTER is the value, and UG Model is the name of the ACL.

Object Based ACL:

Object based ACLs are created on top of particular object and it is applicable only for that object. Object based ACL takes precedence over the rule based ACL. By default Object based Rule is placed at top POM application object in Rule tree. To create object ACL user should have change access for that object.

Object ACL

Object ACL Creation

Select the object --> View -->Access
Click on the Access Control List 

Workflow ACL:

Teamcenter supports ACLs which are exclusive for workflows, these are called workflow acls. This workflow ACLs are applied to all the target attachments of the workflow. he ACL is applicable from start of the task where ACL is assigned to end of the workflow or overwritten in subsequent task. Workflow ACLs take precedence over the rule based ACL. By default workflow ACL (In Job) is placed at top level in rule tree.

Workflow ACL

Workflow ACL Creation:

  • Select the task

  • Click on the task properties

  • Assign the existing or new ACL.

Workflow ACL Creation

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